How To Wash Your NHL Hockey Jersey

How To Wash Your NHL Hockey Jersey

When it comes to washing your hockey jerseys, you probably look a little like this guy. Follow our guide to keep your jerseys looking pristine!


Your jerseys can cost a lot of money and you’ll want to do as much as possible to protect them. Here are a few tips to keep your NHL jersey in mint condition. These tips apply to jerseys that have casual wear and no food stains before washing, if you have a nasty stain it's always best to consult the jersey hang-tag for more specific instructions.


How to wash your adidas NHL hockey jersey - Toronto Maple Leafs


Tips for Washing Your Hockey Jersey:


  • Wash your jerseys by themselves. Firstly, it’s important to wash your jerseys by themselves or with other jerseys of the same colors to avoid the colors from other clothes running and causing discoloration.


  • Wash your jersey inside-out. Turning the jersey inside-out before washing will help prevent fading from direct contact with detergent. It also reduces the chance of items in the wash from snagging on or rubbing against the jersey.


  • Use color-safe detergent. Color-safe detergents have little or no bleach in them, ensuring your team’s colors will stay as your team’s colors. We’ve noticed that Woolite is a popular choice.


  • No fabric softener. The chemicals in fabric softeners can affect the texture of the jersey, and change the look. Avoid these if possible.


  • Use a gentle cycle and cold water. Set your washing machine to the delicate cycle, even though your jersey is made for rough hockey play, you want it to stay as new as possible.


  • Let it hang dry or air-dry. Don’t throw your jersey in the dryer, instead hang it to dry. This will prevent the jersey from suffering significant damage in the dryer. We’ve seen crests peel and jerseys even melt from use with dryers, so your best bet is to stay away. If for some reason you really need to dry your jersey in the dryer use the lowest heat setting possible.


We're pretty sure this won't be your last hockey jersey, but take care of it like it's your only one and you'll be glad you did … who knows, it might be the start of a serious hockey jersey collection!