#CHGWG Contest: Stanley Cup Final Game 5

#CHGWG Contest: Stanley Cup Final Game 5

#CHGWG Contest



Select who scores the Game-Winning Goal during Game 5 tonight to win $50 in CH Cash! Win a BONUS $25 for also correctly selecting the period the goal is scored.





 Only one entry per email. You must be a CoolHockey EClub Subscriber to enter. You must correctly select who scores the game-winning goal to be eligible for the bonus prize. No new entries will be accepted after 8PM EST. The game-winning goal is defined as the goal scored to put the winning team in excess of the losing team's final score, e.g., if the score is 4–2, the game-winning goal would be the third goal scored for the winning team. Winners will be notified via email by Monday, June 27th at the latest. CoolHockey cash is redeemable only for purchases online for regular price merchandise at coolhockey.com/.ca and can not be combined with any other offer.


Coolhockey is running this promotion in good faith, and if we suspect or conclude that there is abuse, foul play, offsides, bot or bad faith entries, or any entries of any kind that we deem necessary at our sole discretion to exclude, we unequivocally reserve the right to disqualify ANY participant for ANY reason whatsoever without the right of recourse or legal action on the part of ANY disqualified participant.